Off to a great start

Two Races Down

The 2021 Athens Road Runners Grand Prix is off to a great start. The series kicked off with the virtual Spartan 5K, and most recently the Marigold 8K. A lot can happened between now and our final race in December. Check this page for updates as participants inch closer to winning the coveted Grand Prix jacket. If you are not a member sign up today and you will be automatically entered and immediately eligible to score points!

2021 Age Group Standings

Age GroupNameRaces RunPoint total
0-14 FAlex CallMarigold 8K10
15-19 MCaleb PinnowMarigold 8K10
20-24 FIsabel HoylaMarigold 8K10
20-24 FHaley ClarkMarigold 8K8
25-29 FSally KirklewskiMarigold 8K10
25-29 FHibah AbuhamdiehMarigold 8K8
25-29 FAlex PistoccoMarigold 8K6
25-29 MJake SandersSpartan 5K10
25-29 MConnor NugentMarigold 8K10
25-29 MChris BlankenshipSpartan 5K8
30-34 FCatherine ShinholserSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K18
30-34 FKristina StonerMarigold 8K10
30-34 FHyesun JangMarigold 8K6
30-34 MJustin BrayMarigold 8K10
35-39 FChristina ProctorSpartan 5K10
35-39 FMargeaux HarveySpartan 5K8
35-39 MMichael KlipperSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
35-39 MCasey MullSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K12
35-39 MStephen HooperMarigold 8K9
35-39 MGabe VodickaSpartan 5K8
35-39 MBrent SextonSpartan 5K4
35-39 MJustin WoodMarigold 8K4
35-39 MEric ShepherdMarigold 8K3
35-39 MJarrod CallMarigold 8K2
40-44 FEmily NobleSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K18
40-44 FRhia KilpatrickMarigold 8K10
40-44 FNina SantusMarigold 8K6
40-44 FRhiannon EadesMarigold 8K4
40-44 MJustin ClementSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K16
40-44 MDustin ShinholserSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K12
40-44 MKevin BurkeSpartan 5K10
40-44 MMichael RossMarigold 8K10
40-44 MAaron PinnowMarigold 8K4
40-44 MTopher EverettMarigold 8K3
45-49 FSarah EverettSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
45-49 FRachel WidenerSpartan 5K8
45-49 MPaul WelchSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K18
45-49 MJustin WidenerSpartan 5K10
45-49 MMichael LawMarigold 8K8
45-49 MDavid EcklesSpartan 5K6
50-54 FPatty KennedySpartan 5K, Marigold 8K18
50-54 FSusan RosenbaumMarigold 8K10
50-54 FMartha RappMarigold 8K6
50-54 MMichael MarshallSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
50-54 MJeff KrosnerSpartan 5K8
50-54 MNathan NibbelinkMarigold 8K8
50-54 MGreg MorinMarigold 8K6
55-59 FJulie LuftSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
55-59 FMyra MooreMarigold 8K8
55-59 FLaura IyerMarigold 8K6
55-59 FSusan DodgeMarigold 8K4
55-59 FEsther Van der KnappMarigold 8K3
55-59 FAnne MarcotteMarigold 8K2
55-59 MGreg WaddellSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
55-59 MRandall PearsonMarigold 8K8
55-59 MDavid LeeSpartan 5K8
55-59 MMohan IyerMarigold 8K6
55-59 MBrendan GroarkeMarigold 8K4
55-59 MJohn JohnsonMarigold 8K3
60-64 FQuincy HuttoSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K14
60-64 FSusan AdamsMarigold 8K10
60-64 FClaudia ShampSpartan 5K8
60-64 FKathy WestSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K8
60-64 FCindi WardMarigold 8K8
60-64 FSybilla Beckmann-KazezMarigold 8K6
60-64 FKathrin Stanger-HallMarigold 8K3
60-64 MJohn KissaneSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
60-64 MBill RichardsonSpartan 5K8
60-64 MSteven SoperMarigold 8K8
60-64 MEvan FliegelMarigold 8K6
65-69 FKathleen CasonSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K18
65-69 FDenise SmithMarigold 8K10
65-69 FBarbara TaylorMarigold 8K6
70+ FMarion FinleyMarigold 8K10
70+ MSteve FollinSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K20
70+ MRichard HarrisonSpartan 5K, Marigold 8K16
70+ MDennis RevellMarigold 8K6